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Belgium Deploys Troops After Foiling 'terror' Plot - Yahoo News

Two fugitives who left Belgium immediately after the attack have been arrested in the French Alps. The suspected mastermind of the cell, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is a notorious 27-year-old jihadist who spent time in Syria and who may have prepared the foiled attack from bases in Greece and Turkey, according to local media. - 'Possible logistical support' - French and Belgian authorities were grilling suspected accomplices both of the Paris gunmen and the alleged "terrorist" cell raided in eastern Belgium. French police separately arrested 12 people early Friday and questioned them about "possible logistical support" they may have given to the Paris gunmen -- Islamist brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly, sources said. The raid came less than a year after four people were shot internet dead in an attack on the web directory Jewish Museum in Brussels. A Frenchman who fought in Syria has been charged with the murders. With France still reeling from the attacks that targeted its cherished traditions of free speech, US Secretary of State John Kerry laid wreaths on Friday at both the Charlie Hebdo offices and the Jewish supermarket during a visit to Paris.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/belgium-deploys-troops-foiling-terror-plot-085512508.html

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